Proven Mental Health and Wellbeing Services for Students and Teachers

Teacher wellbeing initiative

The KCS team provide a range of counselling and wellbeing support solutions to young learners, students, and teaching staff, across all educational settings.

The Need for Student Wellbeing Support

The simple act of speaking confidentially with a school counsellor can prove to be a real gamechanger for the students concerned. 

Because individuals are provided with a totally safe space where they can be open and speak truthfully without judgment, tangible life transformation becomes possible as they discover how to cope with the situations causing them distress.

Unfortunately, however, for students living in England, there is no governmental funding for educational organisations to directly receive counselling services, and so compared to their Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish counterparts, students here receive much less mental health support. 

The KCS team are all too aware of these challenges and are working with an increasing number of schools in south east England, to help Headteachers deliver the support programs they know their students so badly need.

What are Some of the Main Reasons Students Come for Counselling?

The massive upheaval and psychological trauma caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, is a major reason students seek the help of school counsellors, and we predict it will continue to be a major reason for many months if not years to come. 

Why students need counselling services

There remain, of course, lots of other causes for students seeking out wellbeing support, and they include;

  • Sexuality issues

  • Home disturbances including violence and abuse

  • Drug and/or alcohol problems

  • Loneliness and/or feelings of isolation

  • Lack of confidence 

  • Coping with bereavement and loss

  • Anger issues

  • Depression

  • Pregnancy

  • Appearance concerns

  • General pressures of school or exam concerns

…and many more.

The experienced KCS counselling team are qualified to address all of these student concerns, and will work with individuals in a support program to ensure appropriate coping and management tools to deal with their challenges are expertly delivered.

The Need for Teacher Wellbeing Support

Whilst teaching is one of the most rewarding careers there is, it can also be a career that’s highly psychologically challenging. 

Like many students, lots of teachers will have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in a major way.


Add to this the fact that many struggle to create a decent work-life balance, feel undervalued, are notably stressed, and are challenged by excessive workloads, keeping enthusiastic about the job they do can become very difficult. 

And this is such an important point because how well a teacher does their job is an obvious contributing factor to the level of success many students attain during their time in education. 

Teachers not only make an impact on a student’s potential to succeed based on how well they can teach a subject, but also through their ability to connect on a

Why teachers need wellbeing support

personal level.


The words of encouragement they deliver to a student to help boost self-confidence when needed, the techniques they impart for successful exam taking – these and many more attributes are what make teachers so important in the lives of
our younger generation.

Logic, therefore, dictates the more we can elevate the mental health and wellbeing of our teachers, the better the outcomes will be for the students, for the teacher, and by extension, the school/institution.

What are Some of the Main Reasons Teachers Come for Counselling?

Below are example of some of the most common reasons teachers seek out counselling support;

  • COVID-19 related challenges

  • Insomnia  

  • Tearfulness  

  • Concentration issues 

  • Victimisation

  • Being bullied 

  • Anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Staff retention concerns (for department heads, etc.)

  • Personal health issues

  • Impact of job on personal relationships

…and many more.

To start supporting your teaching staff with these kind of issues and help them towards an improved and sustained state of positive mental health and wellbeing, please call us on 07837 254 296 or contact us online today.


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