Why Choose Us as Your Counselling Service Provider?

With over 20 years’ experience working with a wide variety of schools, colleges, and universities, we understand the important attributes that school staff and senior leadership look for in a counselling service provider.

Through this understanding, the KCS team have and are able to continue forming long-lasting, successful, counselling partnerships with educational establishments, to deliver highly-effective initiatives for student and teacher wellbeing.

The Core Reasons Schools Choose to Partner with KCS 

  • Cultural Alignment

    • We make getting to know your school and understanding its specific uniqueness a priority, so we’re able to fully align our services with your culture

    • KCS enjoy being part of your school community and being integrated within the fabric of the school itself

  • Relatability

    • At all times we make sure you’re able to resonate with and relate to the nature of the work we do

  • Clarity

    • It’s important to demystify the essence of a good therapeutic relationship, and so a key focus of the team is clarifying why the way we work is able to generate the great results it does

    • Creating this level of clarity makes it easier for you to see direct correlations between improvements in student and teacher wellbeing (link new wellbeing) and the support we’re providing 

  • Adaptability

    • Schools and its students continually evolve, as does the world of counselling

    • KCS counsellors are extremely agile in the way they work, continually adapt and evolve as needed, and because of this, are able to ensure the best results for students are consistently achieved

  • Our Ethos

School counselling ethos
  • Our ethos is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people by helping to optimise their personal, social and academic success

  • Through empathic listening and the building of strong therapeutic relationships, our therapists use their vast experience and skills to achieve the best outcomes for your students

  • Using a sound theoretical underpinning, our counsellors work creatively and imaginatively in weekly one-to-one or group counselling sessions, using a range of integrated therapeutic models (link how we work) that are age-appropriate, creative and inspirational. 


These include;

  • Person Centred

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Psychodynamic Therapy

  • Art Therapy

  • Play therapy

Additional Elements of the KCS Approach to School Counselling

Through working with lots of different schools over a long period of time, the KCS team have seen many changes in school culture and how they work with their students.

In particular, we have seen that when schools shift from managing challenging student behaviours via a punitive approach and start using a trauma-informed approach, the results for both parties are significantly improved.

If your school is aiming to create a culture shift in how to manage difficult behaviours by adopting this wellbeing approach, the KCS team can support.

Lastly, KCS counsellors adopt the “whole school” approach to wellbeing…

This initiative was produced back in 2015 by Public Health England and the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition.

With the whole school approach, all school staff, leadership teams, parents/carers, counsellors, and the wider community, must be committed and working together to promote and deliver emotional health and wellbeing to students in a truly holistic way.

Your Next Steps to Partnering with the KCS Counselling Team

Contact us online today or call us on 07837 254 296 to arrange an initial discussion, or ask any additional questions you may have.

The KCS team look forward to supporting the students and teachers in your school, college, or university.